Codem Music Srl Unipersonale has been in activity since 1987 starting with the DVR and NEXT brands for Audio and Light Professional device. Very soon we assumed an important place in electronic item for broadcasting and shows branch. Each item, has been improved in agreement with the major authority in the field, to create a complete ability and innovative range. The friendly and easy way to use it and, above all, the ability to satisfy the end-users are our point of strong. The planning, building, quality and entrusting of all our products are determinate by the exclusive

use of Italian components. The firm is daily engaged and devolved to search and improve new ideas and technologies for a nowadays world who never stopped moving.


news  LED3*COLORSTYLE Fully-programmable, network-enabled WIRELESS DMX control system !
It is a stand-alone product, that can be configured to produce patterns on DMX fixtures in a few minutes, without having to use PC-based configuration sofware!

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