Codem Music, after the great success had with MAC series, come to you with a new range of speakers. The target was: realize more versatile speakers, add highest quality components, give all above inside an extremely elegant design. The result is ENERGY Series: BI-AMPLIFIED, double amplifier MOSFET, SIGNAL AUDIO PROCESSOR, electronic LIMITER, double active CROSSOVER, MIC-LINE input. The boxes, built in poplar plywood covered with moquette, guarantee the best sound expression, lightly and non-deformability, just coming from the strong internal frame.

Thanks to a careful and scrupulous design added to the experience, the ENERGY speakers are guarantee of great reliability and top sound expression, the dynamics of each transducer are exalted, protecting it in the same time, from signal peaks or from distortions that might compromised the good working. Planned and built in accordance with the international safety and electromagnetic compatibility regulations, the speakers had an extremely functional design as a trapezoidal asymmetrical shape; so that can be used as stage monitor. It has ergonomic handles to be carried and a protective metallic grill with a thickness of 1.5 mm that is easily to disassemble. There is the possibility to move horn (square shaped) for a right leak of them in any employment.

Active Speakers
NRG 250
NRG 300 

NRG 400 
  Active Subwoofers
NRGSUB 800  

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