The only light system
you can carry with one hand
and install in 30"

has been planned just to solve
the typical inconveniences
that a light system
(complex, cumbersome,
fragile and not so easy to carry)
could usually cause.

Technical Features

:: A4 channels - Single phase operation 220/240 Vac 50 Hz.
:: Zero-crossing system:
    no audio noise and longer lamps life.
:: Zero-crossing dimmer (50% / 100% light power).
:: Input for R.C.S. remote control or foot switches.
:: R.C.S. output for other Xlight control.
:: Built in microphone with automatic level control.
:: Movement and 360 turn of the 4 par cans.
:: Dimensions (L-H-W mm): 670 x 610 x 260 
:: Net weight: 16 Kg.

X-Light is simple and handy:
Simply connecting the plug of the power supply to a wall socket, Xlight will performs 16 programmed sequences automatically. By using the external R.C.S. control, handy and easy to use, you can control all the Xlight functions: lighting/switching-off, automatic/manual sequence selection, adjustment of the sequence's speed, adjustment of the brightness (50% - 100%), manual lighting of the 4 par cans and starting up of the PSY, MUSIC, FILL and BLACKOUT functions.

X-Light is compact and light:
Thanks to its structure made in extruded aluminium and to its 4 par cans made in aluminium, Xlight is very light: it weighs just 8 Kg., including reflectors and lamps. At last there are no more controls, cables, connectors to carry and to connect !

X-Light is robust but easy to carry:
Thanks to its robust but light Flight-case (made with high quality wood and aluminium) Xlight can stand any collisions and stress. Its dimensions are very small (L-H-W 67x61x26 cm) and it weighs only 16 Kg.

Packing Contents
:: N 1 Xlight with R.C.S. hand remote control and flight-case.
:: N 4 Par 56 300/500/650 W with lamps and spot filters.

:: PS 6 - 6 channels foot-switch
    for the control of all the functions.
:: ALU/35 - Professional 3 sections aluminium stand
    (95/280 cm - 4,2 Kg).
:: BX 2 - Soft bag for 1/2 ALU/35.
:: AD 1 - Adapter for 35 mm stand


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