Universal DMX Lighting Controller


Technical Features:
Individual control of up to 36 DMX 512 units.
48 DMX channels for each unit. 512 DMX configurable channels for intelligent units and dimmers. 48 Program processor with 48 scenes each one (2304 total scenes). 48 Chase processor with 48 scenes each one (2304 total scenes). 48 Built in editable Effects. 144 Registrs with 1 Progam + 1 Chase + 1 Effect + 1 Preset. 2 bank of 12 faders to control 144 Dimmer channels. RS-232 for connection with a PC. DMX 512/1990 standard output (5-pole female XLR connector). SD CARD slot for data backup. MIDI IN/TRHU/OUT. Built-in Wireless Wi DMX® transmitter. GRAPHIC white led backlight LCD PANEL. Very easy SETUP with wide LIBRARY, allows the configuration of each unit connected to the Matrix live. Control of the 48 channels by 12 faders for simplest use. Compatible with every DMX 512 unit (max 48 channels) 8/16 bit PAN and TILT movements controlled by an auto-return Joystick. MUSIC function with indipendent speed. Built-in microphone and 0 dB audio input with auto-level control. Non volatile 16 Mbit FLASH memory with 40 years data retention.  Very simple programming and intuitive use.

Intelligent fixture control:
12 faders: to control the functions shown on the display.
1 Grand Master fader: general control of output levels.
6 function keys: to select the functions shown on the display.
1 Menu/OK key: accesses to menu/ok functions.
1 Esc key: to go back.
1 Manual key: to control unit.
1 Joy speed key: Activate the moving Joystick speed from 1 to 10 fixed or proportional type.
12 Multifunction keys: to select the functions shown on the display.
5 Mode keys: to select the modality SCENE / PROGRAM / CHASE / EFFECT GENERATOR / REGISTERS.
1 Page key: changes the active page.

Live registers:
1 bank of 12 faders: controls the live playback registers.
12 keys: perform direct registers functions.
12 bicolor led bicolor: visualize registers status.
TIME fader: to control stepping in real time.
GRAB key: grab the active scene into a register.
BANK key: to select registers page.
Led display: visualize registers active page.
Lcd: visualizes registers job mode..
FUNCTION key: to set lcd functions.
Encoder: to set lcd values.

Manual presets:
2 banks of 12 faders : to control two presets A+B.
12 keys: perform flash on the channels.
12 led: Visualize the channels status.
A+B faders: to control presets A+B level output.
Master Chase fader: to control Chase level output.
A+B keys: to enable presets A and B (A+B mode) or to switch the flash buttons of the presets from one bank to the other (single preset mode)
BANK key: to select the preset page max 12.
Led display: Visualize the active preset page.

Rear panel with SD CARD slot for data backup and built-in Wi DMX transmitter.


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