Universal controller


MATRIX, our new universal controller, is born from a long experience in the production of control's equipment. It is able to control all the 512 channels as typical DMX, and they could be without distinction Dimmers, Scanners, Moving Heads, Projectors, Colour Changers, Strobo and Smoke-Machine. Set-up for 36 clever units that use up to 48 channels each and 192 dimmer channels. All the following things make it easy to use as no one else in its kind: the inside library contains the wide range of the most important units updateable and editable; it is connectable to a PC through a RS-232 cable; the graphic display with adjustable contrast from menu; 12 potentiometers slider for the immediate channels control by name and function; joystick for a perfect and easy unit positioning and the encoder for the whole use of Matrix. Thanks to a careful, scrupulous planning and a long experience, Matrix is guarantee of reliability and extremely easy use; these characteristics with the forefront of design and innovative solutions, put this unit at the top of the world manufacturer. The planning and the electronic applied is what applied to all our Next products, the forefront's performances, the functions' studying, the goods, the technical updating and the never-ending research let us realize an unique product. Mechanics and electronics are home production to increase the comparison between quality and price. Every Next product, before its production and sold, get trough a very long period of tests and this is guarantee of high reliability too. Its shape is for an easy installation in rack of 19" either on table ,anyway Matrix satisfies most of the professional lighting requirements.

Technical Features

:: Individual control of up to 36 DMX 512 units.
:: 48 DMX channels for each unit.
:: 512 DMX configurable channels for intelligent units
    and dimmers.
:: 48 Program processor with 48 scenes each one
   (2304 total scenes).
:: 48 Chase processor with 48 scenes each one
   (2304 total scenes).
:: 48 Built in Effect modificable.
:: 96 Show with 4 Progam, 4 Chase, 4 Effect
:: RS-232 for connection with a PC.
:: DMX 512/1990 standard output
   (5-pin female XLR connector).
:: 240X64 pixel GRAPHIC white led backlight LCD DISPLAY
    for a simple control of each channel, function and setting.
:: Very easy SETUP with wide LIBRARY, allows
    the configuration of each unit connected to the Matrix.
:: Control of the 48 channels by 12 faders for simplest use.
:: Compatible with every DMX 512 unit (max 48 channels)
    Programmable channels name and function.
:: 8 / 16 bit PAN and TILT movements controlled
    by an auto-return Joystick with 9 fixed speeds + "fine"
    or proportional mirror movement, for quick
    and fine positioning.
:: SHOW function executes 4 Progam, 4 Chase, 4 Effect
:: PROGRAM function executes one or more programs.
:: EFFECT function plays pre-programmed movements,   
    dedicated to moving heads and scanners.
:: SCENE function executes one of the 48 scenes
    of a program.
:: MAN function for manual control of one or more units,
    while the others run a program or a chase.
:: PAGE key for fast page select.
:: 12 keys for the selection of show, programs, chase,
    scenes, units, and effect.
:: Independent regulation of SPEED and CROSS value
    for programs, chase and scenes.
:: MUSIC function with indipendent speed.
:: Built-in microphone and 0 dB audio input
    with auto-level control.
:: Non volatile 16 Mbit FLASH memory with 40 years
    data retention.
:: Very simple programming and intuitive use.


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